The baffling trend of pubs

Yet again, I have been caught in a train-station (this time in Glasgow) and with no mishaps to report, I would believe it was a fairly successful day – yay me. While mulling about, staring at the passengers and buildings to pass the time – because let’s be honest, if you have no phone battery that is the only thing you can do – I noticed something strange that seemed out of place. The Central Pub that loomed over the train tracks had a tag-line that was curious at best: “A great place to start and finish your night”. No, I’m not … Continue reading The baffling trend of pubs

Travel rant

My love/hate relationship with trains knows no bounds. On the day that I intended to board a train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, my paranoia got the better of me and I arrived at the train station far earlier than usual. Almost three hours earlier. At least I wasn’t late. To fill the large gaps in between I decided to preoccupy myself with a newspaper while attempting to inhale a cup of coffee, only to promptly spill the hot beverage over my shirt. It wasn’t that bad actually in the end; my fellow passengers sitting next to me were now welcomed … Continue reading Travel rant