Autism Feature Story

Autism Feature Story As neuroscientists learn more and more about how people’s brains tick, the ambiguity of why your child may seem absent at a young age or what initially was branded as a personality disorder treated by using LSD is gradually becoming clear. Back in the 1930s, when Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was still being discovered, it was seen as a bi-product of unloving mothers (“refrigerator” mothers) and was treated via electric shock therapy to iron out unwanted behaviours. While uncureable, Autism is now treated by teaching social skills and cues to those affected. At present, the short definition … Continue reading Autism Feature Story

Matthew Day Interview

In this interview I talk to Matthew Day, the service coordinator of Number 6, an Autism Initiatives service in Edinburgh. They provide a one stop place for people on the spectrum, providing a socializing hub and  staff that work with ASD affected students at university to help them with planning and note taking (as an example). This interview is part of the Autism Feature Story article.  How would you summarize Autism in one sentence? It’s difficult to have a one sentence answer because we do training on it and it takes about six hours. I would say it’s a different … Continue reading Matthew Day Interview

Karl Levy Interview

As part of my feature about Autism I interviewed a university student with Asbergers Syndrome (a form of Autism) called Karl Levy  who provided an intriguing insight on ASD. Here is the interview in full. This interview is part of the Autism Feature Story article.  How does Autism Spectrum Disorder affect you? It affects parts of my daily life and sometimes it can be hard not letting my Aspergers affect me in any way. (But sometimes) I say to myself, I’m a normal person rather than a person living with ASD which gives me confidence on the inside and the … Continue reading Karl Levy Interview

Multimedia: reflection

In which I speak waffle about my current University course, Multimedia. Brought to you by Pia. I think it is a little bit baffling to be quite honest, that last January I had just started this particular course. Those were the days. Like a baby lamb, I was naive to what was in store for me. One of the main benefits of said course; far and away, is that this encouraged (forcefully nudged) me to start a blog. Finally I was able to show my passion for entertainment and news to an audience. To some, this may not be a … Continue reading Multimedia: reflection

The baffling trend of pubs

Yet again, I have been caught in a train-station (this time in Glasgow) and with no mishaps to report, I would believe it was a fairly successful day – yay me. While mulling about, staring at the passengers and buildings to pass the time – because let’s be honest, if you have no phone battery that is the only thing you can do – I noticed something strange that seemed out of place. The Central Pub that loomed over the train tracks had a tag-line that was curious at best: “A great place to start and finish your night”. No, I’m not … Continue reading The baffling trend of pubs

Travel rant

My love/hate relationship with trains knows no bounds. On the day that I intended to board a train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, my paranoia got the better of me and I arrived at the train station far earlier than usual. Almost three hours earlier. At least I wasn’t late. To fill the large gaps in between I decided to preoccupy myself with a newspaper while attempting to inhale a cup of coffee, only to promptly spill the hot beverage over my shirt. It wasn’t that bad actually in the end; my fellow passengers sitting next to me were now welcomed … Continue reading Travel rant