Mount Saint – Excuses


Sometimes it sucks when you’ve missed out on listening to a new band, and a good one at that. While not exactly hot off the press – their debut EP was released back in mid-January – the LA five piece have been passed by and left unfortunately undiscovered if their number of Soundcloud listens are of any current indication.

But hopefully this relatively slow trickle will bring forth a flood of new fans if the song, Excuses, is anything to go by. It comes as no surprise that the band, while being together for only nine months, are not short of experience in terms of performing; each of the band members have had their names attached to well-known projects such as the lead singer, Brittany Tolman, being the former keyboardist/ vocalist for Imagine Dragons and her husband, Andrew Tolman, who is often the drummer for alt-rockers The Moth and The Flame.

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out their debut, self-titled EP on iTunes.




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