Bizarre – Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds Video


FourFiveSeconds  is disjointed, like the trio had different songs playing while recording. It’s a  discombobulated Frankenstein’s monster of quasi-acoustic R&B and heavily autotuned crooning.

Yeezy, McCartney and RhiRhi is surely one of the most baffling music collaborations of all time.

The video falls in line with the song. Rihanna does a decent job with a monochrome, stripped down hook, but the video goes from decent to awkwardly funny when Kanye and Paul get more involved.

Kanye proves that there are very few settings other than excitedly animated in his repertoire, ferociously belting out molded vocals bearing no resemblance to the rest of the song. While Kanye bobs about, a broken chipmunk babble (assumedly from McCartney) breaks through at a distracting gallop. When they pose together, Paul stoically twangs his guitar in time, never truly blending into the background but equally unable to step forward away from the group.

The problem with the video and ultimately, the song, is that it is painstakingly boring. It doesn’t SAY anything, at all. It sort of drifts along with Kanye having copied and pasted a one-note B-side from Heartbreaks/MBDTF that didn’t contribute anything to the song. He’s kind of like that obnoxious buddy that insists that he rap over a band session but only hollers “yeah” as parenthesis in between bridges of the song.

What annoys me the most is that, unless you had read who was on the track, you would have no idea that Paul McCartney was there; nothing signified that it is him. Everyone seems to have been given a shot but could only contribute the equivalent of a lackluster electric triangle “TWANG” to proceedings.

It seems ironic that the three artists with some of the most colourful history in music have produced one of the most colourless tracks.

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