The Night VI – Heroine

The one word that can describe The Night VI is consistency. Eight or so months ago, I came across a cover of “Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean and was blown away by their de-cluttered take, with Sophie-Rose’s voice front and centre, partnered with lush, swarming instrumentation. Since then, I am yet to have been disappointed by them and this is set to continue with their newest song, Heroine.

The production is sleek, vocals silky and the 80s synths somewhat harks of Fleetwood Mac in its arrangement. While the group haven’t been around for that long, they seem confident in the sound that they are trying to achieve and may soon leave fellow contemporaries at the same stage in the dust.

If you want to hear more you’ll have to be ready as the track is part of their just announced second EP, DIY, and while the rest of the project won’t be released until November 17th, you’ll only be able to buy one at one of their live gigs – doing it the old fashioned way.


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