Burn Antares – Crystal Love

If you ever meet your idol in a dream, very few would claim that they received anything productive from that to take away. However, if you are the front-woman of Burn Antares, Grace Farriss, maybe you are just fantastic at networking:
“I met Janis Joplin in a dream and she gave me the song as a present. I took it to the boys and we worked on it till it was smoking hot. The day before we went in to record, we rewrote the melody so Janis’ estate couldn’t sue us.”

Listening to the track, it is as if I’ve dug up an old record from a time capsule buried in the 60s. During a time in which more and more music is artificial sounding, it can be refreshing to hear a group that tries to relive a music period that is often looked back on so fondly even now.

For those over in Australia check them out at a gig venue near you.

THU 4 SEP – Old Bar, Melbourne VIC
w/ The Strange & Rolloways
Tickets available on the door
SAT 6 SEP – Aria Arthouse, Melbourne VIC
w/ Pretty City & Rolloways
Tickets available on the door
FRI 12 SEP – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast QLD
Free Entry
SAT 13 SEP – Black Bear Lounge, Brisbane QLD
Free Entry
SUN 28 SEP – Sounds of the Suburbs Festival, Cronulla NSW
w/ The Beautiful Girls, Wax Witches, Step-Panther and High-Tails
Details TBA


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