It seems between their first couple of singles Unbound and Harlem and their new single, they’ve taken a massive leap forward in terms of cultivating a unique sound. Not that their previous efforts weren’t very good – the opposite – but this song will likely open up to much more fans than ever before.

After hearing their previous song, “OOO AAA”, a delightfully twee pop song with bubblegum hooks and harmonies between bandmembers Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins, I was pretty sure that was going to be the resounding sound of their upcoming self-titled EP, CATHEDRALS. Going to the song with that in mind, I was a little bit surprised that they had such an about-face and went towards a sultry, dark offering. Guitars take over the song, ripping through convulsing drum beats and shimmering synths – they even had time for some dusting off of the vocoder!

Order CATHEDRALS’ debut EP via Neon Gold now.


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