Just Jack – Winning EP

Brighton based musician, Just Jack, may be a name you might recognize; for those that live in the UK, especially. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere in 2007 with the breakout single, “Starz in their eyes” a wry commentary on the public interest of reality tv mush he quickly rushed into the top 10 charts and into the festival lineups. Often delivering his songs via a sing/rap style introduced by Mike Skinner from The Streets, he followed up his success with the third album, All Night Cinema (2009) and a self released EP in 2012 called Rough/Ready.

Since then, Jack has spent some time in the musical wilderness, regrouping and channeling new musical experiences into his sound. With his new EP, Winning, a strong funk/disco sound with pulses of summery guitars throughout which definitely comes as a surprise. The self titled track hides bitter lyrics in between a freeflowing, sun-soaked beat and the hook laden Minefield seems to be the mocking soundtrack of a reckless adolescent summer with lines such as “Let’s start a movement, whose aim is to have no aims//Let’s start a love affair with someone you can’t stand.” The one downside in my opinion is the track, Inside, a twitchy synth led track that has a call and answer vocal that is incessantly repetitive.

A solid EP that comes as welcome return for Just Jack fans.

Buy it here.


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