Michael Cera – true that

Yes, that Michael Cera of Arrested Development and Scott Pilgrim fame (check them out by the way if you haven’t!). It was always known that Michael had musical talent, he is apparently a gifted bass player and had to dumb down his abilities in the latter film according to director, Edgar Wright.

The fact that he has released an album isn’t really a surprise, but what is is that he made little fanfare of its release. If it wasn’t for Superbad co-star Jonah Hill, tweeting a link on Twitter, we may not have heard much.

What we get is a very roughly produced effort, clearly it hasn’t been done in a swanky studio; the fact that he tagged the album as home recording. But this gives it character, Cera isn’t known for his singing, but for the tracks in which he does provide his voice, it has this nostalgic quality. Most of those tracks could very easily slip into an indie movie, one of his tracks, “Gersey’s Kiss” it sounds almost eerily reminiscent of something that would be at home in the soundtrack for Her directed by Spike Jonze.

Personal favorites of my mine so far include the folky “Clay Pigeons” and “Ruth”.

We’ve embedded his album for you to listen to and if you feel inclined, you can buy it via Bandcamp.

Did you like this album? What is your favourite song? Let me know in the comments section below!


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