HONNE – Warm On A Cold Night

Hey guys!

Since I have spent a large portion of my time away from the blog preoccupying myself with other projects, I thought it’d only be fair to return with two artists to showcase instead of the one.

First on the list is HONNE (true feelings/desires in Japanese), two former music teachers hailing from Somerset/Wiltshire, England. Taking a pinch of the formula utilized by James Blake and the Channel Orange FM chatter of Frank Ocean, “Warm On A Cold Night” is a lusty, brooding, soul song. As far as we can see, this is their first ever release (Out September 1st) but we would be lying if we weren’t surprised by this.

The little flourishes in the song like the R&B-style guitars enveloping the pre-chorus and the gushing electronic surges help bring their debut into a level of assuredness that is often left lacking by acts at such an introductory period. Well done lads!


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