Tim Fitz – Sour

The seemingly unstoppable march from the land of Oz continues as Australia further underlines its influence within the music industry. Solo artist, Tim Fitz unleashes his lead single from his upcoming EP coming out this year and boy, is it bittersweet.

Sour is the underachiever’s anthem, a slightly skewed pop song that asks: why are we lagging behind and living for the nightlife? For the most part, the song has this raw, garage rebellion sound, but it mixes through fluttering bursts of synths that crackle underneath and leaves one wondering, how haven’t we heard of him before? Tim’s vocals seem to crack and strain as he shouts into the microphone as loud as he can in order for people to hear him. This is a call to arms to get out of bed and stop nursing the hangover and the aftertaste of failure. A sure-footed step that will definitely win some admirers.



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