Hoodie Allen – Nolan Ryan

Not many rappers would have Google as a former employer. When Hoodie (Steven Markowitz) got up at the crack of the dawn to work at the tech firm during the day, he spent his evenings and nights gathering a fan base as his rapper alter-ego. When push came to shove, he took that leap of faith and decided to go alone and follow his passion as an emcee. Not a bad choice, Hoodie.

Following up from his Crew Cuts EP, Hoodie Allen has started bringing the hype for his upcoming album to a boil with the second single, Nolan Ryan. Teaming up with previous collaborator, !llmind, Hoodie launches into a continuous rapid-fire flow over a bassy, nostalgic sample. With each verse, he gulps in another breath, trying to pack in as much air as possible into his lungs as he seemingly tries to break the land speed record. With every release his fan base continues to swell, so the question is how long will it be before he breaks into mainstream conscious?

His consistency has been strong for a while now, will his expected full-length album meet his standards? It looks like it. Watch this space.


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