Monument Valley Review

Monument Valley (2014)
IOS, Google Play and Amazon ( Around £2.00+)

With the increasing trend of big budget, processor guzzling games, sometimes what we need is a game that shaves that complexity away. Monument Valley is a lively, crisp adventure-puzzle game that seems too fleeting for the time you spend with it.

In Monument Valley you play a silent princess called Ida who has to traverse through an impossible world to seek forgiveness. In this mysterious world you have to twist and turn platforms,  avoid crow-people and cope with shifts in gravity in order to complete each of MV’s 10 levels.


While the storyline is often hard to coherently grasp onto on the first playthrough, the true enjoyment lies in the art of the game. There are very few games on mobiles that make you gasp in the way that Monument Valley does. While it is very pretty, it doesn’t try to overcomplicate things by adding things that don’t belong, the artwork is beautifully streamlined and is hard to get tired of.

On the first play through,  the puzzles are at times challenging but not hard enough to cause serious frustration, nor does it molly-coddle you by being too easy. Often, after being stuck on a section for a while, the solution will suddenly hit me after I have changed the perspective or fiddle with the platforms. While the gameplay is sure to bring you enjoyment, it will take at best, just over an hour to complete on the first playthrough which I felt was disappointing.

The controls that drive the game are very simple, with the entirety of movements made up of tapping the screen or sliding interactive parts of the game. It’s one of those games that most people could pick up and play, with no instructions dictating how you play and no numerous mechanics that you need to learn. At times it can feel too simplistic, with one tap being all it takes at times to move my character from point A to B.


Monument Valley is a treasure of a game, with the possibility of further expansions for a franchise possible. Is it worth the money? That will depend if you want to squeeze more replays out of it because otherwise, after you have finished there is little to entice you back other than the chance to finish it quicker.

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