JMR – Closer

JMR (Joshua Michael Robinson) has appeared out of nowhere, all guns blazing. Originally part of the group, The Careful Ones, he has pursued a solo career with aplomb and so far what we have seen has been fantastic.

With the track, Closer, initially we are tricked into believing this a stripped back, almost acapella croon with subtle percussion pumping in the background; as if we are pressing our head against his chest. To be honest, I would have been perfectly happy to just listen to the song that way. His voice acts almost like a vacuum, sucking away any external noise, allowing you to focus entirely on what he is delivering on the intimate track.

But out of left field, we are smacked with a sudden surge of electric synths and additional guitar. His vocals seamlessly meld into this new creature, it feels weightlessly effortless as we are comfortably drifting along and after many listens we still continue to find little instrumental progressions that we didn’t find the first time round. It is often very hard to maintain the initial impression of the song after the tempo quickens, but I feel it manages to do so without creating an opposing grain as a contrast. Great Stuff.


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