ZHU – Faded (Music Video)

When a  genre blows up and becomes the best thing since beans on toast, after a while, things start to sound very same-y. After we wade through the incoherent slop of familiar build ups and half-hearted melodies we strive to find something that breaks the mold and once we have, boy, does it stick.

Dance artist, ZHU may be the most exciting artist at the moment, primarily by the way he went about dropping his music unexpectedly on the public. He arrived unannounced without a name coupled with his tracks, but people lapped his sound up. While most dance music we hear in the charts is almost hands in the air, euphoric, sun-soaked festival blasters, ZHU is nowhere near that sound. He is the sonic recreation of dirt on the walls; grimy, gritty, vaguely-menacing and undoubtedly dark. His music would be featured in an abandoned warehouse with sirens hovering outside and questionable substances consumed; he may have soundtracked underground nightlife to a tee. His music doesn’t repulse you, however, it has an alluding, slick quality that is irresistible.

His music videos may also reflect his audio image as well. He is clearly trying not to look polished and clean-cut but it totally works for the sound he is developing. Check it out.

His new EP, quite suitably called The Nightday is out now.


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