Boyhood Trailer – Must see film releases first trailer!

Richard Linklater’s new film, Boyhood, has just dropped a new trailer and it looks to be a very interesting premise.

In 2002, the film had started filming in Houston,Texas with Ethan Hawke and Partricia Arquette cast as a  divorced couple living in Suburbia with their son (Ellar Coltrane). What is interesting about the film that really sells the premise is how the film was made.

They have taken the creative decision to film the movie over 12 years with the plot revolving around the six year old son and his journey to adulthood. Unlike films which involve two actors; one young and one older, in the film Boyhood, we see the same actor from age six all the way to eighteen growing up along with the movie. It will be interesting to see how they process the film as obviously, technology has accelerated since 2002; will the younger years look jarringly different to the more recent parts? We will have to look and see when it comes out later this year, but the reception so far from both SXSW and the Berlin International Film Festival have been overwhelmingly positive.





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