Stumbleine & Violet Skies – Thunderdome

There is a reason why they call the genre “chillwave”. The UK based, collaborative effort of Stumbleine and vocalist, Violet Skies have put forth a track that will stop you in your tracks and just gawp at the outstanding soundscape that they have created. Enough to make anyone shiver from the goosebumps being sent down their necks.

It doesn’t feel like the two artists are battling against each other as some collaborations end up doing. The vocals meld into the melody, but in a way that is eye-catching and not reducing VS’s singing to mere wallpaper. Stumbleine’s production shimmers with the echoing percussion forming the spine of the song. What we get overall is a layered, immense production that showcases each half fully.

Their Dissolver Ep is out now on iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Stumbleine & Violet Skies – Thunderdome

  1. Nice! Looks like sounds that Taquwami or other artists such as Cashmere cat would put up (not talking about the vocals though, which are soothingly beautiful)

      1. Yes maybe not on his latest Eps but perhaps on his earlier work? I might be mistaking though.
        However, Taquwami fits more in I guess. Nice discovery though, thanks for the post!

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