Lykke Li – Gunshot

After announcing the release of her new album, I Never Learn, Lykke Li has reminded us once again of her staying power within the upper echelons of pop music. Well, it is actually very hard to categorize her specifically into a genre so lets just leave it there and get into the actual song.

Bloody hell. The main thing that I liked about the song are the production values. Starting with an almost acapella croon from the Swedish songstress, except with a faint drum pattern emanating behind her, we hear her utter heartbreak laid bare – her specialty- without the new trend of drowning out the lead singer with synths etc, which is sometimes the case in the charts.

Smack! Bang! Whallop! We are launched face first into the chorus, threatening to knock us over. The chorus alone is designed for at the top of your lungs singing along in concerts ( she starts her tour later this month), or at minimum, mildly clapping along with the rhythm if you aren’t that wild.

The way I’ve so far written about this song, it’s as if I’m suggesting that she was second fiddle to the backing band; this would be totally false. She knows how to add a bit of drama to a song, choosing  to keep things simple when needed, but we really do see her vocal ability as the key hits a new high.

A lot of expectation is on her shoulders after a string of solid albums and EPs but we’re confident that she’ll deliver based on what Lykke Li has teased so far.



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