Phantogram – Fall In Love (Until The Ribbon Breaks Re-imagination)

Welshman, Pete Lawrie (AKA Until The Ribbon Breaks) has been on a bit of a hot streak as of recently, having just put out his superb EP, The Other Ones (get it here). He has now gone off and re-imagined Fall in love by Phantogram and has done it superbly, may I mention.

The original version of the song by Phantogram was a loud and driving electronic song with sporadic synths and quiet string sections. UTRB has created a different kind of animal with this song, leaving only the vocals intact.

Lawrie re-imagines the song as an intergalactic spacey serenade of epic proportions. We smoothly drift along, enveloped by synths and precise drum patterns with an almost mothership-like whirring layered underneath. While the original was great in its own right, it is hard to even say that this pales in comparison, in fact, we could dare to say that this surpasses its predecessor.


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