Dan Croll – Sweet Dissaray

Strictly speaking, this is fairly new but unknown music that should be heard. The 23 year old Englishman has been slowly trickling out singles for some time now and for a while it seemed as if an LP wouldn’t be on the cards; as long as he was knocking out the standard of music he was consistently doing, that would have been fine.

For those that are familiar with the FIFA series, you’ll already be unwittingly humming along to his song, Compliment your Soul, and in his album, Sweet Dissaray, you get plenty more of that catchy, indie-pop goodness that seems to be his specialty.

To an extent, the album seems to feel to be more of a compilation, considering that some of the songs have spanned from 2012 until recently. It is pleasantly alarming of his frequency to produce catchy, head-bobbingly, body shaking, pop songs.

Although he is an otherwise undistinctive singer, his songwriting and instumentation mostly sets him apart, with instruments such as steel drums, organs, brass and guitar used to create a warm, happy sound throughout the album.

Solid start from Dan Croll.

Get the album on iTunes


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