Karl Levy Interview

As part of my feature about Autism I interviewed a university student with Asbergers Syndrome (a form of Autism) called Karl Levy  who provided an intriguing insight on ASD. Here is the interview in full. This interview is part of the Autism Feature Story article. 

How does Autism Spectrum Disorder affect you?

It affects parts of my daily life and sometimes it can be hard not letting my Aspergers affect me in any way. (But sometimes) I say to myself, I’m a normal person rather than a person living with ASD which gives me confidence on the inside and the outside, so I don’t let (it) affect me but I  have my moments now and again.

Any misconceptions of Autism that annoy you?

Yes, it can annoy me when people assume that there’s something wrong with this person – Why is he behaving differently to us? – and to think (that) they know what ASD means when they have never experienced it to deal with people with the condition. When I meet new people they take a different view of me as a person, but when I tell them that I have Aspergers they can understand me.  I often have to explain to them about the condition and what part of it can affect me.

What are your aspirations for the future?

(I want to) graduate (from Edinburgh Napier University) and hopefully stay in Edinburgh or join my dad over in Calgary, Canada to work in the Computer industry.  I’ve applied for a Canadian visa so i can work there for a year on work placement. I’m not sure  what job I want to work in, but will be in the Computer industry.

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