CunninLynguists – Strange Journey Volume 3 Review

In this day and age, the music industry seems mostly cold and manufactured. With the introduction of crowd-fund websites such as Kickstarter, suggestions that fans can finally have their say have been slowly boiled down to donations with little contribution involved. Maybe a new model has emerged with the hip-hop trio not only opening up their latest effort to fan donations, but also have allowed their fans to have their say in every aspect of the album; featured artists, sound direction and even cover art of the album. A risky move some may say, with artistic expression limited to what the fans demand. Will they crumble under the pressure of getting the album right?

With this refreshing take on fan communication, there seems to be a long period before the group burns out (if ever) with this new stream of creativity. Ultimately, is the album any good? With a 18 strong track list they have packed a lot into the album and many songs stick out. Notably: Kings (ft Sheisty Khrist) -face smacking production-, Southern California (ft Tunji) – beach vibes- and The Format (ft Masta Ace & MR SOS) which talks about their nostalgia with the ways they listened to music.

At the moment, you can pay your price for the album on their Bandcamp page until 1st April so hurry!

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