Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Stop it Sam. It has gotten to the point that I’m not even surprised by what is coming out by Sam Smith. Not settling on the Brit Award, radio play and the Sound of 2014 award, Sam returns with another soulful effort from his debut album, In The Lonely Hour.

Slowing it down, Sam gets to use more of his vocal range and truly let rip with that big voice of his. Starting off fairly sombre, he proclaims his sadness of being used and abused but then when the chorus hits it becomes an almost gospel affair. Having being used to the lush instrumentation of Nirvana, and the slightly more upbeat Money On My Mind (you’re likely to be humming it still), I feel that this new single meets a middle ground between the two. I feel it is too short or that something is missing that could really bring this up a notch but maybe I’m just being too picky over the scraps that are being slowly drip-fed in the build up to his anticipated album. Whatever it is, this guy is likely to take the world by storm if the recent touring on both sides of the Atlantic are anything to go by.


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