Albuquerque Police Shoot Illegal Camper (Graphic Content)

Suggestions of police brutality in America have always dampened efforts from the police forces that pass by without incident. Another such incident has been put under scrutiny as a 38 year old man called James Boyd was shot and killed after seemingly following the instructions given by the surrounding police force. The incident happened on March 16th but it was only recently that head-cam footage was released to the public. The APD force are currently under federal investigation for their history in police brutality since 2012.

The alleged mentally-ill man was illegally camping in Alburquerque when surrounded by the armed police force. After being warned  to stay calm and follow instructions, APD proceded to throw a flashbang in his direction. Clearly startled, the man retreats slightly away from the explosion while brandishing what the police see as knife. Feeling threatened, the police force opened fire with live rounds and later sent a dog over to disarm him.

But was this all necessary?

They had no reason to use the flashbang grenade on him, he was clearly outnumbered and did not appear to be visibly armed. According to their new police chief, Gordon Eden, their actions were justified.

The investigation continues.

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