Tove Lo – Truth Serum (Artist spotlight)

Another Swede, another hit in the making it seems. Something must be in the Swedish waters.

Brutally honest lyrics are the staple of a Tove Lo song as she describes the  excesses of getting over an ex, a constant theme through her recent EP, Truth Serum. The topics she discusses are unfashionable in the charts to be honest. The music industry big wigs would balk at the thought of a song talking about going to strip clubs and getting high (Habits), but ironically, the way she delivers these topics are gift-wrapped for the mainstream charts; the kind of addicting, humming melodies that are designed to be a hit.

It takes more than good looks and a voice to succeed and Tove Lo has managed to channel these assets into a great overall package alongside her song-writing. Already she is featuring on songs by Seven Lions and Hippie Sabotage so inevitably, she will fast become the word on everybody’s lips.

Get her EP on iTunes here

Follow her on Soundcloud here


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