John Newman – Out of My head (Naughty Boy Remix)

Everybody knows John as the Love Me Again singer, alternatively as the guest vocalist for Rudimental on a couple of  their songs. Not that having those labels are a bad thing, it’s just that having those hits above his head takes away from his other work on his current album, Tribute. Some may see him as a one hit wonder, which isn’t the case, and this brings about the introduction to his next single, Out of My head.

It bears testiment to Naughty Boy’s remix of the song that you wonder how this isn’t the version recorded on the album. Originally an orchestral/piano led ballad, Naughty Boy adds his flair to the song and arguably improves it. The remix doesn’t at any point take away from Newman’s unique vocals, but it still retains the production of Naughty Boy.


3 thoughts on “John Newman – Out of My head (Naughty Boy Remix)

  1. I prefer this Adam to your last review. Maybe it’s because I like John Newman.I did listen to the German band that you mentioned put you into a’dream like state’ .It was more an nightmare for me ‘Get me out of this club’ Sorry but I can’t like them all! Loving your work though! X

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