Multimedia: reflection

In which I speak waffle about my current University course, Multimedia. Brought to you by Pia.

I think it is a little bit baffling to be quite honest, that last January I had just started this particular course. Those were the days. Like a baby lamb, I was naive to what was in store for me.

One of the main benefits of said course; far and away, is that this encouraged (forcefully nudged) me to start a blog. Finally I was able to show my passion for entertainment and news to an audience. To some, this may not be a benefit at all that I started a blog but I digress…

I wrote about many topics that otherwise, I may not have fully grasped: such as the subtleties of Ukraine. I learnt how to write a decent script because prior to said subject, I was horrendous. It looked somewhat akin to a rambling splurge on virtual paper; now it is a rambling splurge with more facts – an improvement nonetheless.

I would want to put this new found wizardry to good use, but alas, I can’t source information that well – bummer. My ability to pick a great story to cover is still a little rough as well; but when I get it right I shall stride into (fleet street/Press and journal/ My parents’ house/ Insert additional option) and conquer the journalism world.

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