The baffling trend of pubs

Yet again, I have been caught in a train-station (this time in Glasgow) and with no mishaps to report, I would believe it was a fairly successful day – yay me. While mulling about, staring at the passengers and buildings to pass the time – because let’s be honest, if you have no phone battery that is the only thing you can do – I noticed something strange that seemed out of place.

The Central Pub that loomed over the train tracks had a tag-line that was curious at best: “A great place to start and finish your night”. No, I’m not wondering why everyone is so friendly in Glasgow but it did bring about this idea. Why do we have pubs inside train stations? Isn’t it a disastrous idea?

Humorous images of drunken louts mingling with passengers en-route to London, clad in suits is something to give you a bit of a smirk. I’d imagine train station pubs are the main factor behind Daily Mail articles of a confused 20-something stumbling about Paris after a hazy night in Norwich. Wouldn’t there be an increase in accidental falls onto the tracks?

Just the idea of pubs inside transportation locations are odd. I’d imagine the rowdy, gelled up group of lads looking for the next big thing and instead of going inside the likes of Hive and Bongo, they head on towards Waverly – decent night all round (?).

Only recently did I read an article by Vice UK (check them out) which described a night out in Milton Keynes inside a shopping mall. Who needs to go to TopMan on a Sunday when you could go the previous night? I would bet the cleaners will be working double time, OCD style, to make sure everything is spotless by 10am. And what about the lack of kebab shops to compete a night out? – travesty.

Call me traditional but any pub/club that doesn’t reside on the high street is peculiar to me. The typical stereotype of a social gathering seems out of place in a location that is built for moving about rather than settling in for a pint. There will always be a degree of urgency in a train station as you will always be checking the clock for what platform you will need to be on in five minutes.

The constant reinvention of traditional boozing baffles me.

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