M83 – I Need You (Divergent Soundtrack)- Must Hear!

“Gentlemen, you had my curiosity..but now you have my attention.” – Calvin Candy

During 2012 the French outfit, M83, arguably sound-tracked the summers of many with the song, Midnight City; an epic, electronic track that came from left-field and took over the sound-waves within weeks. Yet again, they are back but this time, they have been asked to provide a song for the upcoming tween film, Divergent – don’t get me wrong, the film might not be that bad but I digress. I need you adds to their knack for making majestic, euphoric songs that would most likely soundtrack that bright light some people claim to see before they kick the bucket. It starts off pretty tame to be honest, somewhat akin to Bon Iver with synthesisers but it gradually kicks up a notch al the way up to the gobsmackingly climactic saxophones that gives you shivers down your spine. Why does it have to be so short?!? An extended cut of this song will be clamoured after as this song is a travesty being so consensed down to an ambrupt three minutes long. This further underlines the demand of a new album from M83; we wait patiently.


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