The Night VI – Thinkin bout You (Frank Ocean cover) – Free Download


When listening to a cover, naturally you must hark back to the original and compare if it reaches the lofty standards of its predecessor. When that cover so happens to be of the artist’s signature song, justice must be made in order to not annoy fans. Frank Ocean arguably broke out of Odd Future’s shadow with the song “Thinkin Bout You” and is very much a fan favorite whenever he performs. The nostalgic look back to a previous flame was arguably the jewel in Frank ocean’s Channel Orange album (2012).

That is why The Night VI would face some criticism if they didn’t get the cover quite right. But boy, did they nail it! Keeping mostly within the confounds of the original, they strip it down to the bare acoustic instrumentation, but add flourishes of spaced out guitar and harps to add a beautiful texture to the original. And those vocals – wow – again, not trying to overdo the original, but it allows the lyrics to be heard without anything overbearing hiding the emotional words behind the song. It may not be the original but it opens the song to new ears in this fresh take.


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