Obligatory Valentine’s Post

I think this is one of the days that is both the most celebrated/despised of all holidays (sorry other halves). The “marmite” of celebrations that is Valentine’s Day has dawned once again as we see love struck couples sprint towards their nearest pound shop in order to find that perfect last-minute card.

Let’s be honest, most people are partial to the odd box of chocolates and smelly stuff, but why can’t they do the same the rest of the year? Why the forced “spontaneity”?

Single people are often felt left out of this scenario; recent break ups or otherwise, and we should be celebrating the freedom to jog off to a Nandos/MacDonald’s rather than an eye-watteringly priced bistro. Independence should be praised!

For that, I have included a quite fantastic video consisting of longing songs of nostalgic love and to be quite blunt, aggressive, insulting tunes about one’s ex. Personally, the transition around the 3:00 minute mark is one of the highlights of the video.

And to be gender neutral, here’s the female version:



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