Philip Seymour Hoffman Continued

According to reports in the American media, Police have discovered 70 bags of heroin inside of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apartment. Upon investigating the deceased actor’s home, they found a number of bags with the distinctive ace of hearts and ace of spades logos imprinted on the packaging; a trademark brand of many heroin dealers in New York.

The results of Hoffman’s post mortem will be released next Monday (February 10th), which will identify or confirm such rumours of the actor’s alleged drug use. The actor was found at 11am on Sunday 2nd February, dead with an alleged syringe still present in his arm. He was 46.

Since Hoffman’s death, many of his colleagues and friends have offered their condolences for his family’s loss.

Kevin Spacey tweeted:

And his Hunger Games co-star, Jennifer Lawrence also offered her condolences:

Gary Oldman recently told Sky News in an interview: “He was on a list of mine as an actor to work with and hoped to be directing.”He had that little bit of danger to him and vulnerability to him, all those qualities that I think make somebody watchable and very special.”

It has been reported by Screen Daily that his directorial effort, Ezekiel Moss, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams, will now not be presented as scheduled in Berlin at the European Film Market as previously planned this week.


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