Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in New York Apartment (1967-2014)

At 11.30a.m (Pacific Time), the multi-Academy award nominated actor and director, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment.

According to the New York Post, who first reported the story, the actor was found on the bathroom floor of his apartment with a  hypodermic needle still stuck inside his arm. Seymour Hoffman had admitted  in the past that he had suffered from drug abuse problems in his 20s upon leaving New York University’s Drama school, which has since been treated in rehabilitation.

In a 2006 interview for CBS’s show, 60 Minutes, he said: “It was all that [drugs and alcohol], yeah, it was anything I could get my hands on I liked it all, “I went [to rehab], I got sober when I was 22 years old. You get panicked and I got panicked for my life. It really was just that.”

The actor was highly acclaimed amongst his peers, he won only one Academy award for Best Actor in Capote but was nominated for films including: Charlie Wilson’s War, The Master and Doubt.

He was scheduled to appear in the penultimate film, Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 which is currently in post production in preparation for its release in November.

This story is still developing. have complied 10 clips from some of Seymour Hoffman’s best films. Check it out. 


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