Built From The Ground Up

As a young child, like most children, I had a large box filled with numerous varieties of Lego. The main problem with using said collection was the mess; hundreds of pieces scattered across the floor and if you stood on one – wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy- the pain was unbearable!

The genius who could invent some sort of Lego product without the mess (or pain) would be hailed as a toy genius.

And I think I’ve found the winner in the form of the Chrome and Lego collaborative project, “Build with Chrome”. Childish it may be, this project still does not fail to bring about feelings of childlike wonder when seeing this program work. Unlimited Lego bricks, built using Google Maps to place your creations near your location and being free, what else would you ask for?

Having only been released today, glitches and slow load times are inevitable, but once you are up and running it is a joy. With very intuitive controls and free reign to build what you like, this may rival Minecraft in the creativity stakes.

Check it out here.


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