A (half-serious) Monday Muse

What is the world’s fixation on Coffee all about?

Is it part of some weird morning ritual involving dressing gowns and furrowed sleepy brows?

Or is this an addiction to the hot,  brown substance; that tastes somewhat on a scale between utter pish and heavenly?

Is this some lubricant to the entertainment that beholds people watching in coffee shops?

I still can’t get my head around it to be honest. In my usual coffee shop with yet again my umpteenth cup of coffee in hand, I puzzle why I endeavor to savor my consumption of it. My love/hate relationship has reached the point where I am led to drink “limited edition” coffee with scatterings of salty crap cunningly hidden in between sips. Why?

I  blame work.

During my fleeting tenure as a night shift worker I inhaled the stuff; free, bitter, goodness. When forced to work through the night you gulp down one, two, three cups of the stuff and it soon becomes an addiction. A routine injection of caffeine into the bloodstream until you cannot function without it. Even now, my nocturnal sleeping patterns demand I consume it to fuel another internet binge through the night – oh God why?

In Italy, they have it down like a fine art. Over here, it is sloppily dolloped into mugs and flasks but like petrol, we pay the price to keep our engines working.

What would happen if caffeine was adjudged to be an illegal substance? Will a population of day-time zombies rule the earth? Will there be black (market) coffee smugglers out at dark – because everyone else will be asleep? Where will lovers go and meet each other, outside!?

Such mad suggestions could be brought about by a lack of sleep. And you might be right.

2 thoughts on “A (half-serious) Monday Muse

  1. As a regular traveler to Milan, I regularly immerse myself in the Italian cafe culture, which appears to have little synergy with what the Brits (and Americans) call a coffee shop. For example, a Cappuccino is a breakfast drink, and after 10am, few Italians that I have encountered would even consider one. No talk there of a “Vento” sized portion, though.

    Espresso, or frequently misspelled and pronounced in the UK as “Expresso”, is the drink consumed during the remainder of the day. A couple of these Italian strength bad boys, saturated with hearty helpings of sugar, will easily see you though the longest of night shifts.

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